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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that we cover all the questions you may have regarding our service but if there is something you need to know which is not listed below please do give us a call and we shall pass on any advice and information we can to help you.

How much does spraying cost?

Because each job is tailored to your requirements prices can vary. As part of your consultation, we take in to consideration the size & time of the job to give you the most accurate quote.

How long does a kitchen respray take?

Whilst at your consultation we are able to assess the job in detail and give you a realistic timescale. This is also possible to do from design plans should you be planning fitting a totally new kitchen.

Do you fit new handles to kitchens?

Certainly, with a wide range of handles available to you, we are happy to change them and really add that finishing touch to your new kitchen.

Will all the work be done in my house?

The majority of the work will be carried out in our specialised Spraying workshop in Alnwick. Kitchen doors, drawers, plinths etc are removed by us and carefully wrapped and delivered back to you and re-installed. The remaining work will be carried out in your home. Our aim is to make this as hassle-free to our customers as possible.

Do I need to provide anything or prepare before you arrive?

We will provide all protective sheeting to protect your home and furniture and can also move large/heavy furniture. However we do ask that you move and store away any ornaments, wall art, fragile and personal items away until the work is complete. We also ask when spraying your kitchen to remove items from your units and store them in a different place until the spraying is finished.

How can I pay?

We accept cash and BACS transfer.

How do I get a quote?

Please give us a call 0773 623 0822.

What if I don't like the colour I picked after you have finished spraying, will i be refunded?

If you do not like the colour you chose after we are finished we can spray it again but there will be an additional cost to this as it will be treated as a separate job. For small addition cost, we can get paint mixed and sprayed onto a sample piece of wood to show the exact colour and sheen level.
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